Keynote Speaker

Managers and executives can profit from the experiences of successful mountaineers. Keynote speaker Robert Jasper proves this impressively in his presentations and outdoor trainings for business people. “On the mountain, everyone finds their limits at some point. Then they have to overcome them, and all pull together on the same rope!“

Many of the demands of mountaineering reflect those that companies place on their employees and executives today. For example: strategic planning, stamina, mental stability, teamwork, the courage to take risks, tightrope walks, risk management. Robert Jasper makes his knowledge and experience as an extreme sportsman accessible to people who want to be successful in today’s business world. The parallels between mountain adventures and the ascent of a business organization are often striking. Vision and ideas, strategy and planning, activity and commitment, stamina and self-confidence, values and goals. Looking at the world in a completely different way, the summit within sight of managers and decision makers.

The presentations are especially tailored to the needs of your corporate event and staff training. With a backdrop of fantastic pictures, Jasper draws exciting parallels between management and extreme sports. The focus can be on aspects such as risk management, motivation and overcoming fears, depending on your requirements.

“Without an abyss, there is no summit; without risk management there is no success or control of fear! In extreme mountain climbing and in my expeditions to the most difficult mountains in the world, my life depends on looking danger in the eye and making the right decision,“ says Robert Jasper.

Jasper already works with a large number of firms and businesses (Hewlett Packard Int., Yellow Strom, Holcim AG, etc.) to provide motivation with his individually tailored presentations and training. The statement given by Dr. Weick Executive Search GmbH confirms this: “The presentation ‘Departure, a comfortable base camp – demanding summit tours’, that Robert Jasper gave for us at a small economic summit for our customers, partners and executives was met with an enthusiastic response.“

If you would also like to add value to your training or corporate event with an unforgettable and succinct presentation on essential management techniques, please contact me. The presentations can be specially tailored to the needs of your corporate events and staff training or events.


  • Mountaineering at the End of the World - Eiger North Face, Baffin Island, Tierra del Fuego
  • No Summit without Abyss - The Path Leads to the Goal
  • Life in the Vertical
  • From the Vision to the Summit
  • Shifting Borders & Moving Mountains - Finding and Mastering New Challenges.


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